Enhancing the Well-Being of Animals

Hope for the Future

Supporters of SPCA International understand that ensuring the safety and well-being of animals is a mission that knows no borders and doesn’t follow a timeline. We never know when a disaster will strike or there will be an urgent need that puts animals at risk. And without our help, these animals often have no hope for survival.

In addition to providing global animal rescue, our programs range the world wide, providing funds to struggling animal shelters, medical supplies and emergency grants to under-funded animal groups, and the continued effort of bringing  war-zone animals home to the soldiers who have grown to love them.

SPCA International could not address these multiple goals without the committed support of thousands of people like you. Did you know that your gifts to SPCA International can allow you to reach your own financial goals as well?

By carefully planning your gift, you may be able to:

  • Generate income for yourself or others while you benefit SPCA International
  • Reduce your gift, estate, and income tax burden
  • Remember a loved one with a gift in his or her honor
  • Give more than you had previously thought possible
  • Rest assured that you are making the smartest use of your resources to help those animals that need it most.

This year, perhaps more than ever, there is a need to look at your plans and make updates as necessary. With changes to the amount one can leave tax-free to loved ones scheduled to change after this year, proper planning is essential.

Take a few moments to discover the best way to support SPCA International. You may find that a planned gift will allow you to increase the size of your gift while reducing the cost to you, generating income, or securing the future for yourself or others. Please see the list of possibilities at left.